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O'Brien School Awarded Grant for Library Roof Repairs

Uniformed O'Brien School students sit and read books in the library
Students reading in the library

GREAT NEWS: We have been blessed with a grant from the Hilton Fund for Sisters to repair our library!

The library and adjoining classrooms were one of our first projects when building the school. At the time, we used cheap materials to keep costs down, and we were only able to afford a tin roof. That roof is now 14 years old and is rusted and leaking, risking water damage to our books and meeting space.

Now, we will be able to go back and replace it with heavy-duty coated sheeting that will match

our last few buildings and protect the incredible resources we have in our library, thanks to this grant.


Our grant is from the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters, which honors the desire of Conrad Hilton to support the work of Roman Catholic sisters around the world. Because of our close relationship with the sisters at the Sanya Juu convent, we qualified for this aid. The Hilton Foundation also provides vocational and educational training to sisters, which many of the Sanya Juu sisters have participated in, allowing them to serve the Kilimanjaro region in unique ways.

We are always so grateful for our partnership with the convent, and we were especially blessed to have the sisters who volunteer at the school help us with this project. A special thank you goes to our office manager, Sister Cresensia, for her work on this and our former Office Manager from 2017, Kari Davis, for sharing this funding opportunity with us.


Our library enriches students by providing books to supplement their learning, a privilege many other students in Tanzania do not have. This building also provides a shelter for some of our clubs, meetings, and projects. By repairing the roof, we can preserve this space and our books for many years to come.

Stay tuned for updates on this project!

A group of parents face a projection screen for a meeting in the library
The library is often used as a meeting space for clubs, parent meetings, and special projects, like jewelry making


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