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upendo jewelry


handcrafted by o'brien school mamas

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OBSM is more than just a primary school. We also provide economic and skills-building programs to the women of our community.


We hire Mamas to use their incredible beading and craftwork skills to make jewelry and earn an income so that they can sustain their livelihoods.

"Upendo" means "Love," and each piece is truly made na upendo (with love).

Modern Beading

Jewelry is an important part of Maasai culture, so jewelry making and beadwork is a longstanding tradition. Each Upendo Jewelry piece maintains the essence of the Maasai spirit, yet incorporates modern trends so that the jewelry is timeless, traditional, and exciting to wear at any time.

Economic Empowerment

The Maasai mamas cook, clean, walk miles for firewood and water, and care for their children. They strive to ensure their children have bright futures. The Upendo Jewelry program is one of the few ways they can make their own income and be financially empowered.

Elevated Skills

The Maasai mamas are so talented and creative. Our Office Manager, Mammy, states it best: "I love seeing how the mamas use the material to make unique clasps, new designs, and exciting variations. We're utilizing skills of mamas who are already experts."



Shop below to support our women's jewelry project. 100% of the proceeds gets reinvested back into the project and school operations.


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