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About OBSM


The O'Brien School for the Maasai is more than just a school. It's an organization that believes education can change the world, that economic opportunity can shift harmful gender norms, that leaders can come from the most rural and difficult environments.


The school itself is a primary school. It's private, meaning we do not receive government support. However, we do collaborate with the government and utilize the national education frameworks to prepare our students for national examinations. It is a co-educational school, meaning we enroll 50% boys and 50% girls, crucial to our success in shifting entrenched norms. Finally, the school is a day school. We do not board the students. Instead, we allow them the chance to live, play, and contribute to reasonable chores at their households, among fellow Maasai tribespeople.


In addition to the primary school, OBSM has economic activities to build financial resilience and independence among the villagers, particularly the women. These projects include village stores, agricultural activities, tourism, and jewelry making.


To learn more about the school, click here.

To learn more about our other projects, follow our special projects blog here.



Stephen Kimani, Chairman of the Ward Council, Sanya Station, Hai District, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

“Naipenda O'Brien School for the Maasai. inatoa elimu bora na ni safi kwa mazingira.”

"I love the O'Brien School. It offers excellent education and a clean environment."

Miseyeki, School Watchman and Parent


"Since the school started it's helped me in many ways. Since I started working here I have been able to send my children to school. It is like another home to me!"


Ngaitete Logotu, Grade 6 Student

"O'Brien has changed my life because I came from a home where I knew nothing. Now I am at a school where I am able to learn and study many things."

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