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Announcing Playing for Change Day!

Recommended listening: Pemba Laka

Playing for Change has been described as working in “the business of joy” and it’s no exaggeration. This vibrant movement aims to promote world peace by creating connections worldwide through music.

The movement works with a panoply of musicians around the world, from blues singers in New Orleans to Congolese drummers in East Africa. In addition to the movement, their foundation brings music and other arts programs to schools that could not otherwise afford the facilities, materials, or other resources.

We were thrilled to host Playing for Change photographer and videographer Sandra Selva this summer. Her presence inspired music classes with the younger kids, and she spent her week here spreading her infectious joy around the school and village.

Sandra Selva with Grade 1 Students

She spent two days with me teaching and recording the Bob Marley classic, “One Love." We also got a group together to make a music video for “Pemba Laka."

Kids playing the keyboard! Photo by Sandra Selva.

Spicing up studying and exam preparation with some right brain playtime could be seen as a luxury, but the resulting happiness and stimulation in the kids has been a gift that will keep giving.

Sandra’s visit has inspired us to make a very exciting decision. On September 22 we will participate in Playing for Change Day! Since 2011, on Playing for Change Day schools and individuals from all over the give a private or public concert "to unite the global community through the power of music." At O'Brien school, almost 100 students from various grades will participate in 4 musical performances.

For details about our volunteer music teacher and student performers, check out our Playing for Change event here!

Sandra captured moments around the school and village with great respect. Look out for her beautiful photos in this post and in the future!

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