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The Camera Project Pt. 1

I wish you could see one of our students with a camera. Their eyes immediately light up, and even the most dour pre-teen can barely hide a smile. The Camera Project started when two generous OBSM supporters donated four cameras to the school. They wanted our students could have a new artistic outlet and share their daily lives with OBSM supporters all over the world. The project will feature photos by students given a simple task: take a photo of something you love. If they want to be in the photo they just have to set up the shot and have a friend take it. A few students even wrote a blurb to accompany their photo or photos. Keep in mind that most students are using cameras for the first time, and have no editing software. Enjoy this first round!



“I love my picture because I can see myself. I am beautiful. In my test I did very well. My teacher and director congratulated me.”




Jenipha donated her camera session to the volunteer Empowerment teacher, Denise Yuen. She features a couple photos from Denise's classroom.

“I like the teacher of the empowerment class because she is here to help us in our life. One thing she that I will remember is: 'Make the one that will take you where you want to go.'"

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