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kili charity climb 2018

2018 CHARITY CLIMB leaders

the bacon family



Dave, Heather, and Benjamin Bacon

Where do you call home?

Where did you go to school?

Denver, Colorado

Dave: Miramonte High School, CA &

Syracuse University, NY


Heather: Lake Forest Academy, IL & Colorado State University

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Benjamin: Saint Vincent de Paul School, Denver

why do you want to climb with us?

Heather: Africa has been a big part of our family. When I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro 12 years ago I know I would have never have made it up that mountain if it wasn't for Dave, but the mountain itself has become such a symbol for so many things for our family.


I am climbing for the school that my mother and I started. I am climbing for the kids at the school that love to learn and are so grateful for their education. I am climbing for all of the people that have helped our school become what it is today, and I am climbing to raise money to keep this amazing school running and allowing us to continue to educate these beautiful children.


Benjamin: When I was younger, I thought it would be fun challenge to climb & now I am climbing in the hopes to personally raise $10,000 for the O'Brien School for the Maasai.


Dave: Climbing mountains is the most personally rewarding thing I've ever done.

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What do you think will be your biggest challenge?

Heather: For me, the biggest challenge will be the altitude. I got really bad altitude sickness last climb and that makes me nervous... oh, and not showering for 8 days!


Benjamin: The biggest challenge will be not eating normal food like pizza or honey nut cheerios!

Dave: Trying to sleep at night knowing how much I have to look forward to every day.

We are grateful for any donation you can make, big or small. Our group goal is $150,000!

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"I am climbing for the kids at the school that love to learn and are so grateful for their education."

"I hope to raise 10,000 for the O'Brien School!"

- Heather Bacon

- Benjamin Bacon

To learn more about other climbers and encourage them by donating to the school, click here or choose their names from the dropdown menu.

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