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kili charity climb 2018


spanky & patrick macher



Spanky & Patrick Macher

Where do you call home?

Where did you go to school?

Roanoke, VA

Spanky: James Madison


Patrick: VA Tech (Finance); will be starting TC Williams Law School at University of Richmond in fall '18!​

Patrick Macher

why do you want to climb with us?

Spanky: We both want to celebrate O'Brien Day, which, for me, marks the 10th anniversary of when my oldest son Roland and I went to the school to help Kellie. We built the soccer fields for the Maasai people.


Patrick: I am also going to work with the students at the O'Brien School to make a difference.


Spanky: Also, Roland and I have started a nonprofit organization, called Timeless Bonds, which is also the title of a book I wrote about our trip to Africa 10 years ago.


It's about how a parent can change a child's life through the bond they form. The goal of the nonprofit is to raise money in an effort to support the O'Brien School but also to invite a parent and child to accompany us to the developing world and undertake a project.


We want to build soccer fields all over these regions to give local people the opportunity to have fun as a community and enjoy something special.

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Spanky Macher

What do you think will be your biggest challenge?

Spanky: To climb it! I am in good shape, but the aerobic part of this venture may get me. I plan to take it slow and easy to make it.


I was all set to show up in jeans and a t-shirt. Fortunately, Patrick realized how important it is to purchase the right kind of clothing and equipment!

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"This is the 10th anniversary of my first visit to the o'brien school."

To learn more about other climbers and encourage them by donating to the school, click here or choose their names from the dropdown menu.

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